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When Life Gives You Yellow Beans, Make Yellow Beans

Pan roasted, with salt, pepper, olive oil and fresh-torn basil.

Yellow beans are in season and that makes me content. Serene. Calm.

A few years back in Paris, I made this dish with Patricia Wells. We used haricot verts from the Marche du Point de l’Alma, the green from the beans and basil nicely contrasted with each other visually and tastily. Yellow beans at the market have long intrigued me. I love their opaqueness when they are raw and the relatively deep yellow they assume when cooked.

Typically, I do a quick saute of these but my friend Paul B suggested we put them under the broiler. Not a bad idea and I liked a few of the roasted blisters that formed.

Oh, some advice; Always tear your basil by hand. A knife tends to darken the leaves.

Alas, that’s all I got today. Not feeling very effusive. I’ll let Miranda Priestly take us out.

Basil Beans
Serves 8

1 pound of yellow or green beans, stems removed
1 bunch of fresh genovese basil leaves
Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper

1. Toss the beans with a few glugs of olive oil, salt and pepper. Place in a jelly roll pan under the broiler. Keep an eye on them. Remove once a few start to blister.

2. Remove the beans from the pan and cool on a platter. Taste one of the beans for the proper seasoning. Add more salt and pepper, if necessary.

3. Tear basil and scatter over dish.

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