Since our friend Kate helped us secure the venue for the fundraiser we hosted on Valentine’s Day, I made sure to save her one of the party favors–a little bag of heart-shaped sugar cookies all tied up in a bow. We also managed to pick up, direct from Teuscher in Zurich, a box of her favorite champagne truffles. And even though the truffles really are mind-meltingly delicious, it’s the cookies she was still talking about last week. As in: “Those cookies. You’re going to teach me how to make them, right? Soon, right?”
So. Sunday was cookie-making day here at the PassionFruits kitchen. There are two critical factors at stake, I’ve found, when one wants to produce the perfect rolled sugar cookie–lovely, buttery, crispy, lightly sweet and with beautifully defined edges.

First, on the flavor front, the right recipe is critical. We used a Rose orginal from her Christmas cookie book, no surprise there. These are the only sugar cookies I will deign to make or eat. Why? Because the leavening agents in other recipes leave a nasty metallic flavor that leaves me wanting to sandblast my tongue. Yes, yes, I know, roll your eyes if you must, but trust me, I can taste the baking soda and it does. not. taste. good.

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