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An Apple a Day: Pork & Apple Hot Pot

So, yes. Because I am from New England, and because I refuse to age (mentally) past 5 years old, we go apple picking for my birthday. Fortunately, this happens in the beginning of October, when apples can in fact be picked with relative ease. Since moving to D.C., this usually entails a schlep out Rte 66 (decidedly NOT the groovy one of song…) to Virginia, where we picnic, pick apples, and generally frolic about. Lovely. The apples we pick, usually from the tree, sometimes from the ground, vary in size and quality from year to year though I have learned to limit myself to one 1/2 bushel bag.

littlegreenapplesThat is still, however, a lot of apples. This inspires a spate of apple-related cooking every fall and one of the first things I make with my haul of tart green apples is the following pork and apple hot pot. It’s a sweet and savory casserole of pork, apples, onions, and bacon that is a perfect dish for the first chill evenings of fall. Cooked low and slow with  beer, cider, mustard, and warm spices, it’s time-consuming if basic cooking that is appropriately domestic goddess-y as the original recipe comes from cashmere food pornographer par excellence, Nigella Lawson.

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Country Crowdsourcing: PW’s Spicy Shredded Pork

So, this super delicious, awesomely low-maintenance shredded pork is brought to you by the letters PW. That’s right, this is Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s shredded pork and pioneer women know about such things–even though SHE got it from her sister who got it from her friend Cynthia in Austin. But isn’t that how all the best things get spread around?

shreddedporkIn any event, take hunk of pork shoulder (aka pork butt, aka Boston butt–why, I don’t know), rub it up with a spicy paste, and throw in in the oven low and slow till it falls apart. The end result is rich, tangy, and just insanely, drool-inducingly good. I usually use this to anchor taco night, cramming it into tortillas and serving it up with a quick pickly slaw, black beans, salsa verde, avocados, and Mexican rice. As I don’t have four little “punks” running around my urban homestead, I’ve jacked the spice a little but feel free to fiddle with the seasoning to your heart’s content. Don’t mess with the basics, though, as I’ve learned that the onion-garlic-vinegar-sugar combo does something alchemical to the pork and all must be in the mix somehow.

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