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Scrappy Faux-gelach: Perfect for Afternoon Tea

If you’re going to make pie crust from scratch–and you most certainly should–it certainly behooves you to not let any of that lovely, buttery pastry go to waste. I, for one, was not about to pitch the racquetball-sized wad of dough I’d trimmed off the two pies I made over the weekend.

I mean, really, once I’ve gotten flour all over myself and the kitchen anyway, it’d be criminal not to put every last bit to good use… and what better use than these little swirls of rich, crisp pastry and tart, jammy goodness? These are actually very closely related to real rugelach as I was using a cream cheese pastry dough.

I rerolled the combined scraps into a 7″ round, spread it with a thin layer of marmalade, sprinkled on some chopped candied orange peel (leaving the very center fairly bare to enable neat rolling), and dusted it all with a bit of cinnamon. I cut it into eight wedges and rolled them up wide end first.

They then got plopped onto their own tiny foil baking sheet, brushed with a bit of egg white, sprinkled with turbinado sugar, and popped in to the oven next to the orange chiffon pie I had baking away. 20 minutes later and out they came, burnished and sparkling and ready for Mr T’s afternoon tea.

‘Whaaaaaaaaaat?’ Radicchio Treviso in DC?

I had a Ms. Edna Garrett moment when I saw the following at the at the Dupont Farmers Market yesterday.

Radicchio Rosso di Treviso. See what I made after the jump.

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Dad, Olives and Paris

My father is having a mild health scare; enlarged lymph nodes on his stomach. While he’s seeing a specialist on Monday for a deeper dive of the condition, the news has launched a thousand reactions from my family not to mention my father: depression, confusion, anger, fear, worry, promise.

My father is my rock and foundation. With this latest news, my worries and concerns have prompted private thoughts of a life without him. I’m not dwelling and obsessing here but I cannot deny their selfish existence. They are wrenching, often drilling me into deep introspection about relationships, love and emotional candor. Read more

PF Thanksgiving: Cranberries to Relish


I wasn’t originally planning on posting this. It’s a bright juicy relish that neither I nor my family (save for Daddy J, he’s more of a jelly guy…) could imagine Thanksgiving without, but it’s also just my adaptation of my Grandma Neecie’s adaptation of the recipe that’s appeared on the back of the Ocean Spray bags since God only knows when. But, as we sat at a pre-Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, both Mr. T and our guests made special note of the relish and extracted a promise that it would get posted.

Of course, now that I think about it, this tasty little number has always made a splash. Mr. T and I spent last Christmas with his family in London, and the sweet and lovely Mrs. T remembered the relish from Thanksgiving with my family years before. So,  Mr. T and I set off to the City to find cranberries. Having already checked out several of the local markets, we finally–the day before England in its entirety shuts down for the holiday–spied them in the food hall at where else but Fortnum & Mason.

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O.K. The Fresh Fruit is functioning at moderate capacity today. I hosted a cocktail reception/gathering at my home last night for some local journalists and made the following punch which packs quite a bit of, well, punch.

This was my first foray into punch making/serving and it made me feel a bit like a 50′s house frau. A similar experience whenever I make a bundt cake–what am I, going to the PTA?

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