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A Lesson in Ethereality: The Lemon Canadian Crown

lemoncrownWhether fresh or perfect, citrus DOES seem to be the answer for the post-holiday blues. Citrus’ bright acidity is a fitting antidote to the grey blahs that seem to descend in mid-January. Having squeee’d about Rose’s new book rawther a while ago, I’m a bit embarrassed that this is the first time that I’ve actually made anything from it. But what a lovely place to start: the Lemon Canadian Crown, a silky lemon curd/ semifreddo encircled with homemade ladyfingers and topped with a soft-set meringue.

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A Treat Fit for Rainbow Brite: Lemonade Bars

I first made these brilliant, sweet-tart gems last summer for a barbeque and they’ve been my go-to lemon bar since. They are not, as should be apparent, you average lemon bar.

The recipe, courtesy of the wonderful Baking Bites, saw the addition of pureed strawberries to get the lovely electric pink Strawberry-Lemonade Bars. Such a delicious innovation! The hue is totally unadulterated, and the bars are endowed with both an electric lemony tartness and possess a pronounced strawberry flavor.

Of course, with the original such a success, I have had a wonderful time subbing other fruits for the strawberries to capture other colorful flavors. Thus far I’ve made sexy mauve Blueberry-Lemonade Bars, glowing orange Mango-Lemonade Bars, Kiwi-Lemonade Bars, and deepest purple Blackberry-Lemonade Bars pictured here with the (isn’t she) pretty in pink originals.

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Dad, Olives and Paris

My father is having a mild health scare; enlarged lymph nodes on his stomach. While he’s seeing a specialist on Monday for a deeper dive of the condition, the news has launched a thousand reactions from my family not to mention my father: depression, confusion, anger, fear, worry, promise.

My father is my rock and foundation. With this latest news, my worries and concerns have prompted private thoughts of a life without him. I’m not dwelling and obsessing here but I cannot deny their selfish existence. They are wrenching, often drilling me into deep introspection about relationships, love and emotional candor. Read more



O.K. The Fresh Fruit is functioning at moderate capacity today. I hosted a cocktail reception/gathering at my home last night for some local journalists and made the following punch which packs quite a bit of, well, punch.

This was my first foray into punch making/serving and it made me feel a bit like a 50′s house frau. A similar experience whenever I make a bundt cake–what am I, going to the PTA?

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PF Cocktail Hour: Whiskey Sour Smackdown

whiskeysour2Mr. T says that I’ve ruined the whiskey sour for him. Despite the blend of smoky-smooth whiskey, tangy lemon juice, and a touch of sweet being a favorite of his, the sours he gets at home are far superior to those made at your average bar–so much so that he won’t even bother ordering them out anymore.

No, there’s no  icky powdered sour mix in MY liquor cabinet, thank you so much. Instead, I use a half-and-half syrup of fresh lemon juice and honey. Fresh is better than bottled–or, gah, powdered–lemon juice. Honey, too, is far superior, providing sweetness, of course, but body too. Its complex flavors compliment the similarly layered whiskey in a delightful way. Of course there’s the question of egg. Egg white, to be exact. Many old-school sours include a bit of egg white to add froth and body. With our friend Maria, we decided to do a taste-test to see how these different permutations stacked up.

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When I Dip You Dip We Dip: Tuscan Bean Dip

tuscanbeandipThis tasty spread was inspired by–actually, I can’t remember what it was inspired by–some random Italianate chicken dish with similar flavors? How enlightening I am… But, even without a fascinating backstory, this dip is totally worth the minimal time it takes to pull it together. Pungent garlic, earthy sage, spicy chili, creamy cannellini beans, and bright lemon combine to make an irresistible spread for crostini or crudite.

I depend on it at parties big and small, set out with a bright jumble of vegetables, to make even the most decadent hors d’oeuvre spread look healthy and colorful.  It doesn’t hurt that the stuff is delicious–personally, I’d keep it on tap if I could.

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