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Not-So-Southern Cornbread

So, I really wasn’t meaning to continue my ramble through Southern foodways, but here we are. I had some buttermilk leftover from my red velvet cake-making adventures and was looking for a good way to use it up when my daily Tasting Table email dropped fortuitously into my inbox with the perfect recipe for cornbread-one that called for buttermilk–courtesy of the chef at Carriage House, a restaurant in Chicago. And, for real, this is some EXCELLENT cornbread right here.

Southern purists will likely have to look away, though, as this is a sweet, light cornbread–more in the Northern style–that remains nonetheless redolent of corn and full of flavor. I happen to find it better than the more austere Southern versions, and really, how could I not with the embarrassment of riches stirred into the batter–honey, eggs, butter, butermilk, AND sour cream. Not so much healthfood, then, but there’s kale salad for that.

I also ended up baking it in a 9×13″ baking tin rather than a 12″ cast iron skillet, which shockingly even I do not possess. The world didn’t end, however, and I imagine that it’s actually easier to portion than the round would be.

Lightly sweet, lightly savory, totally delicious–and like all quick breads, absolutely dead easy. We’ve been enjoying it for several days now, with salad, with chili… just about anything, I think, could be improved with a few of these golden yellow squares served along side.

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Eat, Memory: Mex-Acadian Sausage Cornbread

So, yes, cornbread with tasty things mixed into it… how novel, I know. This particular savory cornbread, however, is my version of a traditional, if somewhat bizarre, family recipe. The original was a treat courtesy of the French-Canadian couple who looked after my mother and uncle when they were very small. When my grandparents would go out–to some fabulously Mad Men dinner party no doubt–my mother and uncle would climb the stairs to Lilian and Abelard’s apartment at the top of the house on Ridgeway Terrace and they’d have this for their supper. The original version was suitably cloaked in northwoods maple syrup rather than gussied up with spicy chiles.
Unsurprisingly, the next generation enjoyed the salty-sweet combo too, especially at dinner–the Wondertwins were particularly taken with the idea of putting maple syrup on MEAT… and at NIGHT no less. Oh, the excitement.

Mr. T, however, has always been rawther skeptical of sweet-savory combinations and this was no exception. (I blame his Englishness… one actual taste is already a bit of a challenge, two is simply beyond the pale!) So, in order to work out my cornbread and sausage jones, accomodations had to be made. And my version, while different, is just as good–perfect for a quick meal with some greens alongside and it makes for a great breakfast the next morning.

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