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To The Icebox! Er, FROM the Icebox!


I’m not sure why “icebox cookies” sound so good. Cookies that are to be baked though icebox seems to conjure up images of Fruit Joe opening up the fridge late at night to swipe a chunk of sitting dough. This habit is hourly when I have dough sitting in the fridge.

Amazed at times that I have enough to bake.

Here’s a recipe from The Stewart – of the “Martha” variety. I know I say some of my recipes are easy–readers may groan–but these are…easy. And I love how well the logs of dough keep in the deep freeze. It’s nice (dare I say, comforting?) having cookie dough on hand…at any time. Read more

A Final Cookie for December. Well, Maybe…

CardSquaresI made these tasty squares for my office holiday party a week ago. I baked these cookies four years ago without the chocolate-espresso icing. This time I opted to spread a little of this icing on one side of the cookie to allow a a bite or two of the cookie with chocolate. The cookie is strong enough (just like Cher) with or without additions. O.K. That’s not true–Cher, not the cookie. Use freshly-ground cardamom It really adds a deep, exotic complexity to the shortbread.

Recipe after the jump.

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OMG, Brownies

PBbrowniesBrownies. The quintessentially American treat, they are as diverse and varied as we are: some are cakey, some are chewy, some are fudgy, some are even blondie. And everyone has there own preference that falls somewhere along those lines.

These, however, are not one person’s favorite brownie. They are the ur-brownie. They aren’t some, they aren’t more, they’re the MOST. They’re chocolate and sugar and coffee and eggs and nuts and mints and every friggin’ thing else with the volume turned up to 11. Even in the 1 inch squares I cut them in, people wig out in the most rewarding way at these dense, moist, decadent, powerfully sweet little bites.

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Girls, GIrls, GIRLS!!! Pumpkin COOKIES!


I was leafing through a bunch of old recipes my mother brought to me on a recent pilgrimage the rents made to D.C.   I stumbled upon one of my favorite fall desserts that I haven’t had in some time, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

So, here’s the dealio with these moist delights.  A neighbor of ours in Cleveland shared this recipe with us  many, many years ago. I can’t remember the woman’s name, primarily because for years I thought her name was ‘That bitch,” as dubbed by my restless father, anxious to inoculate himself into a soma suburban slumber, devoid of nosy neighbors constantly showing up unannounced;  in our driveway, yard, bedroom doorway.

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‘C’ Is For Cookie


The chocolate chip cookie. Everyone loves them and claims to have “the best recipe.” I admit that I am known to abscond from work to seek out a cookie, one of the most satisfying snacks to have around 3 p.m.  Though it doesn’t subscribe to my “fresh” philosophy–save for the fact they are “made fresh” in-house daily, I do love the occasional Potbelly Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie, a caloric nightmare but a deeply-rewarding blend of gooey goodness. The incorporation of oatmeal almost makes you feel you’re doing your body some fiberous good.


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