Alrightly, then. I seem to have entered myself–or my Chocolate Malted Milkball Birthday Cake, rather–in the 2012 Makes-Me-Wanna Shout! Chocolate Layer Cake Baking Challenge. And, since the recipe’s gone and made it to the semifinals purely on its written merits, I now need a little help from my D.C. peeps at a public tasting event on Saturday, March 24, from 2 to 4. You’ll have the chance to taste (and vote on) 15 chocolate layer cakes, and $15 of each ticket will go directly to Martha’s Table. So all you lovers of cake (and, ahem, of moi), should up and get yourself a ticket.

Martha’s Table is a venerable D.C. institution that provides meals to the homeless, maintains tutoring and learning programs, and provides a variety of other family support services. Consider your attendance a bit of chocolatey good karma.

As for the cake I’ve entered, it’s the best, most original ”Operation Birthday Cake” cake I’ve come up with to date. A rich, smokily dark chocolate stout cake layered with a white chocolate-cream cheese-malt filling and wrapped in a milk chocolate malt frosting. The birthday girl in question actually gave up alcohol for the week after her party so she could eat the leftovers! High praise indeed. Definitely decadent, totally tasty, and maybe even award winning? Hope to see you there!