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For the Love of BMs…


Try this tasty farro salad. I’ve been eating more grains this year and I’ve always had a soft-spot for farro, an Italian grain related to spelt. I love its chewiness and in this salad, coupled with black olives, carrots and fennel, it takes on an even more rustic flavor. I often serve a split roasted cornish hen on top of this salad–makes it look like a bird’s nest, especially with the shards of jagged carrots sticking out.   Served as a side, there’s usually plenty of leftovers, perfect to take to work for several midweek lunches.

Not a very inspired post today but neither is this gloomy weather. Nor are the farmers’ markets right now. Sad that the weather today feels like spring and yet it’s only late January.

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Luke Hates Me

DrinkUpAnd now, so do our four readers of PF for pushing carrots. I know that many of you will look at this drink and want to blow chunks but hear me (read me?) out first. Please.

Yes, Luke was rather depressed/ deflated/ bothered and bewildered when I pulled carrots out of my bag on Sunday. I proudly proffered these carrots, grabbing them by their stems with all the jubilant energy of Bugs B and I was greeted with a reaction more appropriate for Yosemite Sam, except Luke is blond and Sam is a ginger. And I didn’t see any pistols. There were no pistols to my knowledge.

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PF Farmers’ Market Challenge: Carrots!

carrot1The Fruits have decided to–virtually–kick each other around a little. This week, we’re launching a new, fortnightly feature: the Farmers’ Market Challenge. Every other week Joe (aka the “freshmaker”) will surprise Luke (aka “Mr. Perfect”) with a fresh ingredient from a local D.C. farmers’ market. The challenge will be for each of us to create a dish based on the ingredient while hewing to closely to our own particular m.o. First up are some gorgeous carrots from the Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market this past Sunday. Luke’s post is below the fold; look for my carrot creation tomorrow.

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