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Hot Maple-Apple Breakfast for the (Maybe) Snowbound

Oh lord, it is cold. Not Vermont cold, or Chicago cold, but cold enough to freeze the spit to the sidewalk. (Ah, the charms of city living.) The hard frost we’d not yet had came yesterday with a vengeance; both Franklin Mint and the scented geranium were, as of last night, suddenly fried. And, as the weather report is (again) reporting snow this weekend, I present to you hardy souls this fortifying breakfast.

A simple sautée of apples, nuts, and maple syrup; it’s just the best on top of oatmeal or whatever hot breakfast cereal you happen to have around. We made it over Christmas on the morning we awoke to find two feet of snow had fallen and the plow guy had not come. If we were going to dig out five cars and get the one low-slung, front-wheel drive, flatlander vehicle on its way, first a good breakfast was in order.

We had it atop some Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain hot cereal because that’s what there was. I’m sure anything else would be similarly happy with a gilding of tender apples, crunchy nuts, and lightly spiced and sweet maple syrup. Oh, and remember, when it comes to maple syrup, “B” stands for “better. The darker it is, the stronger the flavor.

Also please note that my mother would, of course, have the perfect old china and flatware to flatter this rustic little dish  tucked away in a cupboard somewhere in her little house on the top of the mountain. Naturally.

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Eggs with Garlic Scapes, Mushrooms, & Asparagus

While brunch is basically a gay sacrament and thus something of a big deal in DC, there are times when breakfast is called for instead. Smaller, mellower, less boozy, and–oh yes–earlier, breakfast it not a meal I’m frequently involved with, unless you count a few bites of something leftover straight from the fridge while I’m trying to tie my tie in the still-dark of morning. Saturday, however, we had need of a breakfast, not a brunch.

A dear friend was swooping through town, and first thing on Saturday morning was the only place we elbow our way onto her dance card as she was in DC for only a day and a half. So, breakfast it was, and what better breakfast than scrambled eggs? Of course, not just any scrambled eggs, perfect ones, tossed with a vibrant mix of earthy mushrooms, pungent garlic scapes, and verdant asparagus. And since said friend was coming from six porkless months in Cairo, bacon. A big heap o’ bacon. Also, coffee, challah toast, and a pretty yogurt berry granola parfait. Perfect!

Of course, this means we need to discuss the proper approach to scrambled eggs. We want to avoid, at all costs, those buffet-bound, bouncy yellow clods swimming sadly in a steam tray of their own tears. Those are not scrambled eggs; those are nuggets of sofa cushion. Ech. Well-made scrambled eggs are a creamy mass with small, barely noticable curds that stays all together in a hot, silken heap till they’re eaten–which shouldn’t be long at all.

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Gyspy Eggs, Peas and (basil) Leaves!

Baked eggs, with spicy ground pork, tomato sauce, peas, opal and genovese basil.

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For Some Elegance, Bake Your Eggs!


There is no finer–nor more appropriate–food to serve in the morning. Though most egg dishes–in any significant quantity for a large number of guests–are impossible to pull off successfully. There is nothing worse than an overcooked egg. Scrambled eggs must be served and consumed immediately, most appropriate for two, no more than four people. Frittatas are excellent but keep said dish in mind for no more than four guests. And omelettes? Just make them for yourself.The last thing you want to do is become a short-order cook on Sunday:

“Two more sunny-side up eggs, Charlie? *smack* Coming right up!”

So,  how do you still manage to serve eggs provided you have six or more guests over in the morning? Enter, the baked egg.

It’s elegant, classy, and giggly; easy to make an army of them all at the same time, from 6- 20.  Read more

My Unfertilized Eggs


Cooked properly (with great eggs, too), scrambled eggs are extraordinary. Since my diet yesterday consisted of a handful of granola and 3/4 of a salad from Chop’t–I had NO appetite AT ALL–I needed fuel.  Oh, yeah. The 17 mile bike ride I went on last night didn’t help, either.  I whipped these up this morning for myself and made a little parsley oil (Uh, yeah. Why the hell not?). I was bound and determined to have a proper breakfast.

You do NOT need to add any dairy (milk, cream) to your scrambled eggs. Honestly, if you just whisk them on low-heat, you will end up with lovingly heavenly curd after lovingly heavenly curd.

Fluffy. Creamy. Ethereal with a little bit of Emerald City courtesy of the wonderful parsley oil which elevated the dish even higher. Tasty stuff, indeed.

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新年快樂! Ginger Scones and the Year of the Tiger

Despite the distractions of lingering snow and Olympic excitement (though Bob Costas could fall into a crevasse somewhere and I don’t know that I’d complain…) life does go on. Life, of course, includes having my friend Kate for tea  to plan our menu for a Lunar New Year dinner. While we’ve yet to settle on a date at this point, at least the menu’s going to be hot. One cannot, of course, have someone to tea without something nice to go with it. In honor of our Asian endeavor and the newly-minted year of the tiger, I decided to make some rich and zingy ginger-vanilla scones.


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