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Luke Hates Me

DrinkUpAnd now, so do our four readers of PF for pushing carrots. I know that many of you will look at this drink and want to blow chunks but hear me (read me?) out first. Please.

Yes, Luke was rather depressed/ deflated/ bothered and bewildered when I pulled carrots out of my bag on Sunday. I proudly proffered these carrots, grabbing them by their stems with all the jubilant energy of Bugs B and I was greeted with a reaction more appropriate for Yosemite Sam, except Luke is blond and Sam is a ginger. And I didn’t see any pistols. There were no pistols to my knowledge.

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O.K. The Fresh Fruit is functioning at moderate capacity today. I hosted a cocktail reception/gathering at my home last night for some local journalists and made the following punch which packs quite a bit of, well, punch.

This was my first foray into punch making/serving and it made me feel a bit like a 50′s house frau. A similar experience whenever I make a bundt cake–what am I, going to the PTA?

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PF Cocktail Hour: Whiskey Sour Smackdown

whiskeysour2Mr. T says that I’ve ruined the whiskey sour for him. Despite the blend of smoky-smooth whiskey, tangy lemon juice, and a touch of sweet being a favorite of his, the sours he gets at home are far superior to those made at your average bar–so much so that he won’t even bother ordering them out anymore.

No, there’s no  icky powdered sour mix in MY liquor cabinet, thank you so much. Instead, I use a half-and-half syrup of fresh lemon juice and honey. Fresh is better than bottled–or, gah, powdered–lemon juice. Honey, too, is far superior, providing sweetness, of course, but body too. Its complex flavors compliment the similarly layered whiskey in a delightful way. Of course there’s the question of egg. Egg white, to be exact. Many old-school sours include a bit of egg white to add froth and body. With our friend Maria, we decided to do a taste-test to see how these different permutations stacked up.

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Fruits on Call: Emergency Office Party Punch

So, when you’ve got something of a reputation for party savvy, you get a lot of calls. Sometimes they’re dire emergencies (“Oh my god, my mother-in-law is coming over for dinner IN TWO HOURS”) and sometimes they’re a little less so (“I’ve got this pile of greens, what should I do…”). So, when my friend Charlie called last week asking about punch recipes for an office party the next day, I was prepared. Thinking through my standbys, I rejected several out of hand. White sangria? Too summery. Red sangria? Too stain-y. Mulled anything? Too complicated to serve at an office happy hour.  Those frozen sherbert pucks that you drop in vats of soda? Too horrible to contemplate.


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I Drank To That

Dangerous Margs

And that. And that. And that.

I wasted my guests (and myself) last night in margarita-ville.  I even hate making that reference.

I am not a JBuff fan. At all. The Fruits have a fetish for Cartman and  his assessment of Mr. Cheeseburger transforms my head  into Insta Slinky, bobbing uncontrollably in agreement.

Needless to say–and guests, I know I’m not alone in this–today is painful and I’m wagging my finger at these guys on the right.

I had a simple goal last night and being wasted was not one of them.

It was to waste my guests.

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My, What Big Guns You Have! The French 78 / French 75

French78I was rooting around in some old bartending books in search of something special to serve at my birthday last year and I was quite taken with the French 75.  So named by American GIs in WWII after the 75mm Howitzer because of its considerable kick, the blend of gin, lemon, simple syrup, and champagne sounded nearly perfect.

NEARLY perfect, however, doesn’t quite cut it, and I wanted something special for my special birthday–one ending in a zero, *sigh*.  I  ultimately arriving at the grapefruit version I dubbed the French 78 in honor of my natal year.  Grapefruit–being astringent, floral, woodsy, and citrusy all at once–really compliments gin’s herbal profile in a way that lemon’s less sophisticated bite doesn’t.  Both are delightful and will get you and your guests totally trollied in record time–they are quite potent.  FYI, the vodka version is called the French 76, but as with all gin cocktails adulterated by vodka, it should just be called “crap”.

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