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They’re Here!

How I’ve missed you, Squash Blossoms. Check out what I made after the jump.

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The Cots…

Apricot season is here. So why did I make a dish with dried ones?

Well, it just works better. Apricots are naturally pucker and demand some sweetness.

The dried apricots here are reconstituted with orange juice, thereby slightly sweetening the deal of this appetizer, while playing nicely with creamy goat cheese and savory pistachios.

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FMC: Easy Rider Here…

Well, I didn’t challenge myself all that much with this latest, er, challenge. Yes, I made a garlic scape pesto.

Lazy, mostdefinitely. Tasty? Well, let’s say, pungent. Scapes are rather intense, a pure, single shot of garlic right to the back of the tongue. An I.E.D., if you will, for the cast of True Blood.  A tiny bit goes the distance. I liked Luke’s instinct of cooking and incorporating them into an Asian dish. Eh, kudos to Luke for thinking this one through. He rose to  the “challenge” and I opted to phone this one in. I mean, who do I think I am? Mark Bittman?

Love you, Mark. Mean it, Mark.

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Dipped Into This One

If I am able to put something–anything– in a bowl and serve it to guests with a few vegetables or slices of bread for dipping while I finish cooking dinner…Well, it makes me a happy camper. Even if it’s a small bowl of fruity olive oil with some fresh herbs and a pulverized clove of garlic, the ordinary becomes something that guests greedily eat up.

The something last week was anything but ordinary yet inclusive of customary ingredients save for a fiery Tunisian paste known as harissa (peppers, coriander, cumin, garlic and olive oil); a spicy carrot puree.

As pointed out by Luke, this dip was overshadowed by my leek meze for our most recent FMC and for good reason; it’s delicious and unique. I had two pounds of beautiful baby carrots from the market and I was trying to think of the best use for them.

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Those Crackers You All Liked?….


Here are the blue cheese, toasted pecan crackers I served. A big thanks to Paul for helping me make these.

They are from Martha Stewart’s ever-handy and must-have “Hors D’Oeuvres Handbook.” It’s a fantastic collection of tiny amuse nibbles.

I adjusted the recipe. Instead of a typical Danish blue cheese, I made this with gorgonzola dolce. Luke and I were trying to maintain a semi-trattoria feel to the party so I thought it necessary to add the cheese of My People. They are neat, flavor-packed, sandy little morsels, easy for any party. You can make the dough in advance and it keeps in the freezer for a few months.

Thanks, Martha. Love the book. Does anyone else have a default tome they turn to for appetizers?

Recipe is below the fold.

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