TequilaOldFashioned…and landed the AeroMexico account, this is the Old-Fashioned he would choose: The Tequila Old Fashioned.

The cocktail is sweetened not with a simple syrup but agave nectar, an appropriate co-pilot for tequila.

Agave is a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index of 27.  So, if daughter Sally made this drink, she may not need to cut off a toe from Papa Cita Draper. I’m just sayin’…

D.C.’s The Gibson makes a lovely version of this drink–It’s not on the menu but do ask for it. They add a lemon peel to theirs but I like this recipe with a strip of lime.

My final cocktail in this Old Fashioned installment will appear on Friday. For a basic Old Fashioned, click here. For now, I leave you with tequila. Lime. Agave. Mmmm. The drinks works, oh-so well. Try it.

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