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Song of Summer: Corn, Tomato, & Basil Salad

Sweet corn. Tangy tomato. Pungent basil. It doesn’t get more summery. Put them together, and you pretty much have the apotheosis of hot weather deliciousness. And put them together we shall, tossed together with a lightning quick vinaigrette that delivers a little extra zing that makes this easy salad compulsively nibbleable.

Given that this is the glory season of spectacular beefsteak heirloom tomatoes, I feel kind of dreadful recommending cherry tomatoes for this… but they really work better. The big tomatoes, delicious as they are, kind of break down and get all weepy while the little ones hold their shape and flavor better. I’ve made this several times since the version pictured, and it’s just better with the baby tomatoes. Keep your big fancy tomatoes for eating on their own or in a Caprese salad.

Corn, Tomato, & Basil Salad
Yield: 8 side servings

6 ears fresh sweet corn
4 green onions
2 tsp white wine vinegar
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 qts cherry tomatoes (different colors is nice…)
1 c lightly-packed fresh basil leaves

Shuck the corn, removing all the silk. In a pot large enough to hold all the corn at once, place a steamer basket and ~2″ of water. Bring the water to a boil and add the corn, steaming till just done–about 5-6 minutes. Remove the corn to a plate and let cool.

While the corn is cooling, trim the raggedy tops and bottoms from the green onions. Cut the trimmed onions in half where they go from more white to more green. Finely mince the white halves and combine in a small bowl with the vinegar, salt and pepper. Finely chop (bigger than the mince) the green tops and set aside.

Once the corn has cooled enough to touch, carefully cut the kernels from the cob and put in a large bowl. Once you’ve stripped each cob, run the flat of the blade along the cob to get out the last of the juice and add that to the corn as well.

Halve the cherry tomatoes and add to the corn. Tear the basil leaves into small pieces and add it and the chopped green onion tops to the tomatoes and corn.

Using a fork, gently whisk the olive oil into the bowl of vinegar and green onion. Pour over the tomato and corn mixture. Taste and adjust seasoning and serve immediately.

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