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Rhubarb Redux: A Tart No One (Knave or Not) Can Refuse

Though we’ve already had several rhubarb posts this spring, the arrival of summer’s strawberries means that this supremely lovely combo of puckery stalks and sweet, juicy berries demands a second look. (If you want a delicious THIRD look, I’d suggest also checking out our friend Rivka’s award-winning rhubarb curd shortbread over at Not Derby Pie.) Our first rhubarb recipe this spring was a quick compote, with the berries (even somewhat lackluster early spring ones) get folded into the rhubarb to great effect.

As I noted in that recipe, though, once you can get your hands on some really good strawberries and are feeling like something a little fancier, keep the rhubarb and the strawberries separate. Spread the cooked and cooled rhubarb mixture into a fully-baked pie or tart shell (this time I used the basic pâte sucrée from Desserts by the Yard–not bad, and easier than Rose’s), top with sliced strawberries, and glaze lightly with some thinned-down and warmed-up top-quality jam. Served up with a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream it’s an irresistible embodiment of early summer.

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