Checking in again from NOLA, center of all things decadently delicious and ever so raffishly decayed. In a town famed for food, there are several big ticket items one needs to eat. At the basic end, it’s fried things and sandwiches–beignets, po’boys, and muffelatta. On the advice of some local friends, I dragged my fellow conventioneers to Cochon Butcher–the sandwich-y offshoot of the eponomous restaurant justly famed for curing its own meats and such  (it is ALSO awesome). I had the mufellatta, a stack of house-cured meats with a fabulously piquant relish and it was simply amazing. Not sure how many liberties the ladies behind the counter took (we also paused to get temporary tattoos with them…), but I’m giving it a huge thumbs up anyway.