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Farmers’ Market Challenge: ‘Yeah, man… Shrooms’

mushroomTime for another installment of our Farmers’ Market Challenge. The pickings continue to be slim at the market, though I did appropriate some beautiful rockfish which I’ll detail in a post next week. As both Challenge Cardoon and Challenge Sunchoke were both a little hard to swallow–or at least digest–I was desperate to find something neither excessively weird nor utterly gut-shattering. That means no turnips!

For this challenge, then, I am pleased to present an assortment of meaty mushrooms from the always consistent, reliable, and lovely Ferial Welsh (Sundays at the Dupont Farmers’ Market) are on the menu. I picked up a variety of specimens: oyster, cremini, enoki, and perhaps a few others. Far more exciting than your average supermarket buttons, and these are only a tiny percentage of the wild and wonderful world of fungus.

Luke, I promise to bring you your share tonight!

I’m thinking something I’ll be doing something vegan with my mycological bounty as ‘that friend’ will be over again tonight, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Mr. Perfect comes up with. What are your go-to mushroom preparations–at least, the ones that don’t involve sweat lodges, peyote, and vision quests?

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