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D.C. Peeps: Help Us Stuff the Bus for D.C. Central Kitchen

So, lovely people–particularly all y’all in D.C.–I have an exhortation for you: Stuff the Bus! Fun foodie events and an opportunity to help feed, train, and otherwise care for those in need? Totally in already, aren’t you?

Stuff the Bus is the coolest food drive I’ve ever heard of, that’s for sure. The aim? Stuff the aforementioned bus with 5,000lbs of fresh (or digital) food for D.C. Central Kitchen, a venerable institution providing a dizzying variety of much-needed services to D.C., from fresh meals sourced from recycled food to job training and actual jobs.

The drive, sponsored by Venga–a new D.C.-centric dining & entertainment app that promises to keep you in the know–kicked off on the 17th and runs through the 30th. The bus’ll be making a variety of appearances at local hotspots and hosted by local celebrities and even a food blogger or so. I’ll be co-hosting the Stuff the Bus bus next Friday the 30th at Truckeroo. So, come out and see me, or check out the calendar below and pay a visit at any one of the hip Venga-approved locales to say hi and make little gift that’ll make a big difference to your neighbors.

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