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Art Cakes Mark 90th Birthday of the Phillips Collection

Hooray for knowing talented people that do really cool things! Over the weekend some friends and I hit the Phillips Collection. While it’s a lovely museum, famed for its classily eclectic collection of fine arts–particularly its Renoir and Rothkos–I will admit that I was there for the cakes. Cakes produced at the behest of the PC by local restaurant pastry chefs in honor of the Collection’s 90th birthday and the reopening of the mansion after a fire last year.

Some of the cakes were lovely, others less so (he sniffed judgmentally). Some drew inspiration from the Collection, some… clearly didn’t? Of course, it’s at this point I realize that I haven’t even pretended to be a journalist since college, so I don’t really have the facts I should have. And, since I am still working towards a cordial relationship with my camera, I didn’t manage to capture that many decent photos either. (In my defense, the gallery was optimized for the art on the walls, not the cakes. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Nevertheless, here’s what I managed to salvage from our very lovely little adventure… next time I promise to take both notes AND decent photos.

More important (if less expertly captured) than the two above images is the cake and inspirational painting of our friend Kevin Boxx, pastry chef at Domaso in Rosslyn. Gorgeous. I love the Rothko-y base cakes, and the white chocolate topper echoes the sitter’s lacy ruffle perfectly. In short, *squeeee* Even had I not been partisan, this would most likely have been my favorite, as it managed to be elegantly and evocatively linked to pieces from the collection in addition to being quite stunning on its own. If you saw some of the OTHER cakes, you’d be even more impressed.

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