Welcome! I like good things (you go, Martha), but I LOVE great things. For me, this includes the preparation and sharing of delicious foods with the people in my life. I hope that my escapades in the kitchen, at the dining table, and beyond will amuse and inspire you to connect more lustily with the food you eat, the world it comes from, and the people you share it with.

Originally launched as a co-authored endeavor, I’ve elected to maintain the passionfruits as a solo concern since, after a year of putting up with my nitpicking about EVERYTHING, my erstwhile co-blogger decamped for greener, less stringently copy-edited pastures.

So, here I am: a dyed-in-the-wool Yankee living the bureaucratic life in DC. You’ll find that I love both the precision and artistry of patisserie and the more robust pleasures of less exacting cookery. I firmly believe that there is, in fact, time in life to stuff mushrooms, although generally not time to soak dried beans. While I search for quick and tasty weeknight food just like everyone else, I also know that sometimes real simple simply won’t do, and I’m willing to stay up late to make it happen. I am, as ever, on a crusade against “baby” carrots, and if you ever need a thesis-length discourse on buttercreams, you know you’ll get it here.

Like any cooks, I love feedback, so feel free to drop a line.

Finally, while it seems ridiculous to have to say this, given that I know most of my readers—AND where they live—I hope that PassionFruits will play host to a lively community of readers who will engage with me and each other in the comments. While I have no interest in policing anything, save perhaps your pantry, I reserve the right to remove comments that I deem unseemly and to block commenters that engage in undue profanity, hate speech, abusive linkery, or personal attacks. In short, play nice.

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