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A Lesson in Ethereality: The Lemon Canadian Crown

lemoncrownWhether fresh or perfect, citrus DOES seem to be the answer for the post-holiday blues. Citrus’ bright acidity is a fitting antidote to the grey blahs that seem to descend in mid-January. Having squeee’d about Rose’s new book rawther a while ago, I’m a bit embarrassed that this is the first time that I’ve actually made anything from it. But what a lovely place to start: the Lemon Canadian Crown, a silky lemon curd/ semifreddo encircled with homemade ladyfingers and topped with a soft-set meringue.

As with most things Rose, the recipe is super detailed and very specific. Six pages of specifics in fact, which is why I’m not retyping the recipe. I love you, but not that much. It is VERY worth each page, though, and while Mr. T spent the entire weekend wearing his “You’re CRAZY” face as I worked on the crown and the coulibiac, he gives this dessert an enthusiastic thumbs up. It managed to usurp the Lemon Pucker Pie as his absolute favorite, and he even granted that the homemade ladyfingers are–as Rose claimed–more flavorful and ethereal than the store-bought kind (which I don’t think I’d have been able to find anyway).


Whether they’re homemade or purchased, the ladyfingers make for an elegant construction. You could, however, easily forgo the cake altogether and fill punch cups or small dessert dishes with the lemon cream and make individual lemon semifreddo meringue cups. I actually had some leftover filling so that’s just what I did and the resulting little desserts were quite appealing–and slightly less of a palaver to put together.

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